TeckApe™ iPhone 12 MagSafe Car Dashboard + Vent Mount Wireless Charger

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Just place your iPhone 12 series device against the MagSafe car mount and go. Designed to provide a seamless set-and-drive experience, while keeping your new iPhone safely mounted and charged conveniently within view in landscape or portrait mode.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro 
  • iPhone 12 
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • TeckApe™ car mount wireless charger
  • USB Type C to USB Type A charging cable
  • USB Type C to USB Type C charging cable for fast charging 
  • Owner's Manual

Q: Will this car mount be able to safely mount an iPhone 12 in a non magsafe case?

A: As long as the phone case is MagSafe compatible, it should mount your iPhone 12 safely. 

Q: Is this compatible with the iPhone 12 line of phones when a MagSafe case is on the phone?

A: Yes, it is. It works fine with or without a Mag Safe case.

Q: How strong of a hold will the iphone 12 be with this car mount ? Will it survive heavy bumps?

A: It is designed to keep your phone safely mounted through all the road’s bumps and turns. A high-quality base and sturdy vent clip ensure that your MagSafe Car Mount stays safely in place.

Q: Is it strong enough to hold the phone when clipped to virtual air vents vs. horizontal? 

A: Our MagSafe Car Mount rotates using a high-quality ball joint, so it’s easy to flip from portrait to orientation with one hand. It has a powerful MagSafe connection with a high-quality base and vent clip that keeps your device safely in place while driving.

Q:I have vertical air blades in my car is it compatible?

A:Yes it should work fine.


Keeping your new iPhone safely mounted and charged to drive you home.


Delivers the fast wireless charging speed with latest Qi standard

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